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The future of 
Work, Life and Education

The Future of Work, Life and Education

An art show and an online Symposium of GRASP Network

in collaboration with the Austrian Pavilion

at the Dubai EXPO 2021-22

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

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The future of Work, Life and Education
an Art Show and an online Symposium

EXPO 2021-22 in Dubai addresses the issue of visions for the future, and concepts and technologies about living together in an increasingly networked world. The EXPO is divided both thematically and architecturally into three sub-themes: opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The focus of the Austrian pavilion is on opportunity


What kind of opportunities wait for us in the near and distant future in relation to Life? How will our life be transformed, now and in the coming decades? How will our way of working change? What will it mean to have a profession in the future? How do companies need to innovate in order to stay abreast of the competition? What skills will be needed? How will our education change? Will traditional schools and universities still exist? How is digitalization influencing our way of learning? How can we face the challenges the future offers us in order to embrace them as opportunities? 

“The Future of Life, Work and Education” addresses all these complex questions through two separate but interrelated displays: an Art Show curated by Martin Baasch, that takes place in the Austrian Pavilion in Dubai, and a Symposium that takes place online.


Two interrelated displays

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